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Jinan-Laiwu High-speed Railway Joint Commissioning and Testing Multiple Professional "Zero Problems"
Source: Date:2022年11月23日

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On September 28, Wuhan Railway Electrification Bureau Group responsible for the project of Jinan-Laiwu high-speed railway joint commissioning test completed the maximum speed of 389 kilometers per hour speed-up test and non-contact retest of catenary, communication, signal, catenary, and other specialties to complete the joint commissioning test with "zero problems", creating the history of China Railway Jinan Bureau joint commissioning many new records.

Joint commissioning and testing is the technical preparation before the opening of the railway. The comprehensive test train and related test equipment are used to run back and forth at different speeds on the line. The state of each system and the matching relationship between systems are repeatedly tested, debugged, and verified to ensure that each system has complete functions and good coordination between systems, to meet the requirements of safe, high-speed, and stable operation of trains.

The leader of Jinan Railway Bureau who is in charge of the joint commissioning and test pointed out that the joint commissioning and test has refreshed many records of communication, signal, and catenary professional tests in the history of Jinan Railway Bureau, and has created many miracles within the jurisdiction of Jinan Bureau, especially for the first time, the communication specialty has completed the joint debugging and tests with "zero problems". For the first time, the signal specialty has realized "zero problems" in testing the data of trackside equipment such as balize and capacitors. The catenary test broke the best record of joint commissioning and test for many years. There were no primary and secondary defects such as guide height, pull-out value, hard point, and bow pressure during the test at 350 km/H. The non-contact retest passed at one time. The dynamic test performance index CDI and the static test quality index CQI were both 100 points. The dynamic inspection vehicle completed the step-by-step speed-up and related tests from 60 kilometers per hour to 385 kilometers per hour in a short period of 10 days (including 1.5 days of stopping wheels).

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