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The Singapore Rail Project of China Railway First Engineering Group won the Singapore 2022 Safety Excellence Award with 2.7 million man-hours and zero accidents
Source: Date:2022年11月23日

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Recently, the T250a Project Department of The First Engineering Bureau of CREC Singapore Metro won the Safety Excellence Award at the 2022 Safety, Health and Environmental Protection (ASAC) Award Ceremony held by the Singapore Land Transport Bureau.

ASAC was established by the Singapore Land Transport Bureau in 1999 to recognize construction contractors who have made outstanding contributions to the promotion of safety, health and environmental management in their projects.

Since the commencement of construction, the project department has always been aiming at creating "Singapore Safety Demonstration Site" and striving for "zero casualties in the whole process", strictly implementing the requirements of Singapore"s safe and civilized construction and environmental protection regulations, employing professional safety management teams and local police commissioners for many times to give lectures on safety law popularization, regularly conducting safety training, and continuously improving staff"s awareness of safety production. Continuously strengthen the safe and civilized construction and supervision and management of the project site, and strive to build a civilized, healthy, safe, and harmonious construction environment.

With the joint efforts of all staff, the project has achieved 2.7 million working hours without accidents.

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