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CREC"s first shield machine exported to Turkey successfully Rolls off Production Lined
Source: Date:2022年11月23日

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On September 26, the "CREC 1148" earth pressure balance shield machine developed by China Railway Hi-Tech Industry passed customer acceptance in Zhengzhou, was successfully rolled off the production line, and will soon be applied to the Halk-Ispartakule high-speed railway project in Turkey, becoming the first export shield machine of China Railway Hi-Tech Industry to Turkey.

The picture shows the "CREC 1148" shield machine

Alkali-Ispartakule High-speed Railway Project is a high-speed railway project connecting Halkali Station and Sychkoy District. Its shield tunneling section is divided into left and right tunneling sections. The tunneling mileage of single equipment is about 6 kilometers, and the maximum buried depth of the section is 55 meters. The geology of the tunnel is dominated by clay, silty sand, sandstone, conglomerate, claystone, and marlstone, and the tunnel passes through lakes and the proposed canal.

The project will use two earth pressure balance shield machines with a diameter of 8.54 meters independently developed by China Railway Hi-Tech Industry. Because of the complex geological characteristics of the project, such as large buried depth and high water pressure, as well as the special needs of customers, the shield development team made an in-depth analysis and precise grasp, tailored the whole machine plan, and created exclusive equipment for customers. The "CREC 1149" shield machine used in the project will also be launched soon.

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