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Pengbu Bridge, the First Multi-span Long-span Steel Truss Bridge for Highway and Rail in China, Officially Opened to Traffic
Source: Date:2022年11月11日

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On September 28, Pengbu Bridge and Tongcheng Interchange in the Hangzhou Section of the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo expressway Reconstruction Project, which China Railway Major Bridge Engineering Group constructed, were officially opened to traffic.

The elevated and ground-level road of the reconstruction project of the Hangzhou urban section of the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo expressway is officially named Airport Avenue (Elevated Road), in which the upper elevated part is Airport Elevated Road and the lower ground-level road is Airport Avenue. Pengbu Bridge and Tongcheng Interchange are the control projects of the project. Pengbu Bridge crosses the Qiantang River. The upper layer is a two-way eight-lane viaduct expressway, and the lower layer is a double-track light rail. The main bridge is 1350.8 meters long. It is the first multi-span steel truss bridge in China. The shape of the bridge extracts the elements of the "river tide and spray" of the Qiantang River and integrates the bridge's appearance with the Qiantang River.

The picture shows the bridge landscape lighting project

There are some difficulties in constructing Pengbu Bridge, such as a strong tidal surge, many underwater obstacles, and a unique bridge structure. During the bridge's construction, the maximum flood discharge of the Qiantang River reached 15000 cubic meters per second, and the flow rate reached 2.93 meters per second. In addition, the bridge's main span is 240 meters, a catenary stiffened steel truss bridge, which is extremely rare in China in terms of a single span and number of holes, and the construction technology is challenging. The builders repeatedly compared and selected the construction scheme and adopted the "walking machine + sliding block" incremental launching method for the erection of the steel truss girder of the main bridge. The total weight of the bridge's steel structure is 62000 tons, and the maximum total weight of pushing is 43000 tons.

Tongcheng Hub Project is a crucial project of the Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo main line connecting the Tongcheng Viaduct. It includes 8 directional ramps and one reconstruction ramp. The total length of the ramp bridge is 7417.698 meters. It is a four-story interchange bridge and the most significant interchange in Hangzhou.

The completion and opening of the reconstruction project of Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo expressway has added an important traffic corridor to the main urban area of Hangzhou and Xiaoshan District, which is of great significance to optimize the urban spatial pattern, enhance the function of Hangzhou's important transportation hub, and enhance the interconnection of Hangzhou's metropolitan area.

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