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China Railway International Group Participated in the Construction of Pakistan's Thar Power Station and Grid-connected Power Generation
Source: Date:2022年08月26日

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On July 29, local time, China Railway International Group Sichuan International Pakistan Branch participated in the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Project Tar (TEL) 1 × 330 MW Pithead Coal-fired Power Station Project, which was successfully connected to the grid at one time, with normal system parameters and stable operation of the unit.

The project is located in the Thar Desert southeast of Karachi, Sindh Province, Pakistan. It is designed as a 330 MW circulating fluidized bed coal-fired unit. China Railway International Group Sichuan International Pakistan Branch undertakes the civil engineering construction and steel structure installation of the main plant, thermal system, fuel system, circulating water system, sewage treatment system, fire fighting system and public parts.

In more than four years of construction, the project department has actively faced many unfavorable factors, such as the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic, the rising price of bulk equipment and materials, the difficulty of personnel and materials in and out, and the high temperature weather (up to 50 degrees Celsius), strengthened the allocation of resources, paid close attention to on-site management, and increased the intensity of localized employment, trying to meet the needs of on-site production factors. It has completed various node tasks safely and with high quality.

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