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CREC Bolivia Espino Highway Project Department Was Praised by the Local People for Fighting Fires and Rescues
Source: Date:2022年08月26日

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On July 30, local time, the third branch of CREC Bolivia Espino Highway Project received a thank-you letter signed by the local people, expressing gratitude to the project staff for their heroic efforts in organizing fire fighting and rescue in time and saving the lives and property of the local people.

On July 28, a fire broke out in a shop in Boyuibe City near the third branch of Espino Highway Project in Bolivia, and the fire situation was very critical. After receiving the call for help, the third branch of CREC Bolivia Espino Highway Project immediately took emergency rescues and organized three sprinklers, one minibus and eight workers to rush to the scene of the accident, which prevented the spread of the fire in time and protected the lives and property. After the fire, the project department also organized workers to help the affected families repair the water and electricity situation of the burned houses so as to avoid the occurrence of secondary disasters.

After the disaster was eliminated, the third branch of CREC Bolivia Espino Highway Project Department received a letter signed by local people: "Thank CREC for sending workers and water trucks to put out the fire in time. This unexpected fire almost destroyed our hard work for a year. Thank you very much for your timely support." The rescue further brought the Espino Highway Project Department closer to the local community, and enhanced the reputation of Chinese enterprises.

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