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Chinese Standard Overhead Lines Equipment Put into Operation in Indonesia
Source: Date:2022年08月03日

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  On July 15, the cross arms of the first group of Chinese standard overhead lines were successfully installed along the running tracks from the Tegalluar Station to the motor vehicle application base, marking that the Chinese standard overhead lines equipment has been put into operation in an overseas high-speed railway project for the first time. The project is constructed by China Railway Electrification Engineering Group Co., Ltd.


  The lines running through all stations along the Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway measure 142,3 kilometers in total, and are equipped with the all-system and all-factor Chinese high-speed railway system. Developed and produced by China Railway Electrification Engineering Group according to standard specifications, the cross arms built for the project are all new-type cross arms especially designed for overhead lines of high-speed railway. The standard overhead lines include the simplified and standard installation process as well as components made in standard specifications. The technical specifications are consistent, and equipment structures are standard and simplified. The types of components are unified and reduced, while the quality and performance of key components are enhanced. With completely independent intellectual property rights, the Chinese standard overhead lines equipment has been installed and applied on many railways in China, such as the Beijing-Harbin Railway and the Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway, and the products have proven safe and reliable.

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