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CREC-constructed 10th of Ramadan Railway Project in Egypt Passes Speed Test
Source: Date:2022年05月05日

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  On April 30 local time, the speed test train for the Ramadan project built by the CREC-AVIC International consortium started from Future Station and gradually accelerated to 125 km/h (the maximum design speed is 120 km/h). The test results showed that catenary voltage and pantograph-contact line relation were normal, the train's traction braking performance was good, and the target speed was achieved.


  The10th of Ramadan Railway is the first rail transit system in Egypt with 27.5 kV AC traction power supply, which serves as an important traffic project for the country to implement its “eastward development” national strategy and to build its "eastern economic corridor". The success of this speed test indicates that the joint debugging and testing has entered a new stage, laying a solid foundation for the delivery and operation of the railroad on schedule. 

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