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Israel’s First Light Rail Starts Dynamic Test
Source: Date:2021年10月22日

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Israel’s First Light Rail Starts Dynamic Test

  On September 30, with the first electric passenger car safely driving from the depot to the test terminal, Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line in Israel successfully completed the installation, test and power transmission of key systems such as tracks, power supply and catenary system, and officially entered the dynamic test stage.

  This project is the first line of light rail system in Israel. The contract was formally signed in March 2018 and construction was undertaken by a joint venture consisting of China Railway Electrification Engineering Group and China Railway Tunnel Group. The project passes through the five most prosperous cities in Israel, with a total length of about 24 kilometers, linking 34 stations and 53 busy traffic intersections.

  The project is the first full-cycle integrated multi-system light rail project in developed countries undertaken by Chinese-funded enterprises. It adopts European standards, complies with local laws and regulations, operates on a full market basis, takes engineering construction as the carrier, and delivers Chinese products, designs, technology and quality to developed countries.

  The project has a wide management scope and a large geographical span, attracting a large number of local and international contractors to participate in the construction and personnel from more than 20 countries with different cultural backgrounds, with 2,000 plus people at the peak. The Chinese team has completed the design and approval procedures of over 30,000 drawings as results of China’s rich experience in rail transit system design in combination with the needs of the owners. It has been five to six decades since Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line went from conception to implementation, drawing attention of several generations in Israel. The completion of the project will effectively promote urban environmental protection and tourism in Israel, and bring real benefits to the Israeli people.

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